The Value of Christ

These remarks come from my latest book, “The Focus of Faith.”  Christ surpasses everything and everyone.  He is the Pearl of Great Price.  He is the Treasure of all Treasures.  Others may hold their matches of light but He is the light of the world.  Others may talk about truth, but he is the living truth.  Others may talk about beauty, but He is the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valleys.  Solomon was known for his wisdom.  However, the wisdom of Christ surpasses anything that Solomon knew.

Paul’s values changed greatly when he met Christ.  He counted his old way of living as nothing but trash.  It did not compare to what he gained in Christ.  Whatever he lost, he gained far more in Christ.  In fact, he uses that expression several times, “much more.”  And he says that the grace of Christ “super-abounded.”  There is no balancing the scale.  The riches of Christ surpass everything.  The weight is all on the side of Christ.

What would we compare to Christ?  The created world?  He made this world.  He existed before the earth and the universe.  It was all made through his power and holds together through his power.  Would we compare some great act of love to Him?  His love is before all other loves.  His love is from “everlasting to everlasting.”  Would we compare modern technology to Him?  Machines are helpful but they are dependent upon their makers.  Would we compare him to some of the great heroes of history?  We would soon realize that He surpasses any hero that we would mention.

One preacher said that we need not talk about going back to Christ but up to Christ.  He is always before, always ahead of us.  He is always ahead of the discoveries of man.  The value of Christ should cause us to move toward him.  If we are in astronomy,  we should know that He rules the stars and planets.  He knows them all by name.  If we are in biology, we should know that he is creator and giver of life.  If we are in geography, we should know that He is the Center and everything moves from him.  If we are in banking, we should know that He is a treasure that will not tarnish  and cannot be lost through the ages.  If we are into teaching, we should know that He is the Master Teacher whose words are just as fresh today as when He first said them.

We cannot put a value on Christ.  Billions of gold and silver are nothing beside Him.  All the world fades in his glory.  In Christ, we have all that we could ever wish for and more, we have all that we have always looked for but could never attain, we have all that we knew was someplace but didn’t know where.  Our lives should be centered around this One who surpasses everything, determines everything, and fulfills everything.

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