The Treasures of the Snow

For many years I lived on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. Winters were long and very cold. There was usually snow on the ground for at least 3 to 4 months. Some snows would come down in fluffy flakes. Others would be more like small pellets. The most snow that I experienced at one time was about 3 feet.

The Bible speaks about the snow. It says that “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.” There is a purity, whiteness, and beauty about a fresh blanket of snow. The snow can transform an ugly place overnight. God’s grace is faster. In a moment he will take away our sins and give us the pure righteousness of Christ. In a moment he will give us a new life. The snow of his grace will cover all the ugliness.

Snow should remind us of our Creator. Each snow flake has a beautiful design. Those who have studied snowflakes have concluded that each one is different. Consider how many billions there are in a single snowfall. Each one is a work of art. One alone would not be noticed but together they have great benefits for man. There are a great source of water as well as a source for much fun. Who does not enjoy a snowball fight? What would the Winter Olympics be without the snow? Together Christians can do more than just standing alone. We need each other.

Just as the snowflakes differ so each set of fingerprints differ. Even the fingerprints of twins are different. They are still used to identify people. God knows us each by name. He see more than just a mass of people. He sees you. The One who knows the sparrow that falls and numbers the hairs of your head knows you and your needs at this very moment.

What do you see when you see the snow? A nuisance? Let’s hear the message of the snow, let’s see the treasure of the snow! It points to a wise Creator! It should remind us of the treasure of God’s grace!

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