The Ruler of All Nature

Recently there have been tragic floods and earthquakes.  These upheavals in nature are nothing new.  “From the very beginning of history until the present time, men have struggled with the forces of nature.  But no government or scientific genius has been able to tame it. However, there is one exception. Jesus is the Ruler of all nature.  Time and time again, people were super-amazed as they saw Jesus control natural forces.  He simply spoke, and all nature obeyed Him.  And there were times when He did not speak, and nature obeyed Him.  People had never seen anything like Jesus’ power over nature.”

“What would be your response upon seeing someone walk on water?  Shocked, surprised, and breathless would hardly express your feelings.  When Jesus walked on the water, the disciples “were greatly amazed in themselves beyond measure, and marveled” (Mark 6:51)  Why would this be so amazing?  Things like this are not supposed to happen.  It is not part of our experience.  We would say that it is impossible  People do not walk on water.  That is, not until Jesus came.”  The above quoted material is taken from my book titled, Astonished Beyond Measure.

The e-book will be available at the special price of 0.99 Oct. 29, 2017 until Nov. 4, 2017 on, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

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