The Moral Abyss

No doubt most sensible people would recognize the moral abyss that our country has fallen into.  When you think things could not get worse, they do.  Things you would never talk about in public a few years ago are now spoken of without shame.  Hate speech is common.  Political enemies are treated worse than many animals.  What has happened to our country?

I believe there is a way out of the destructive path that our country is heading.  It is a spiritual solution.  We need God.  We need to know Him and trust Him.  When man shuts out God, life goes down.  Relationships deteriorate.  Rightly related to God, we respect one another.  We become servants who think about other people and want the best for them.

The Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins.  Biblical love is so foreign to much of modern society. We talk about “selfies.”  Problems always arise when selfish people are each trying to have their own way.  Whether it is a divided country or divided families we cannot make it by ourselves.  We need God’s love.  Love is the way out of the abyss.  Only God’s kind of love will do.  There is an old song which says it well,  “I Need Thee Every Hour.”  How we need God during this hour!





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