The Message of the Flowers

This is the time of year when you can see many flowers in bloom. There are all kinds of flowers. Some grow in the desert. Others do well in the tropics. There are thousands of varieties even within one type of many flowers. Sometimes you find flowers in unexpected places such as high in the mountains or in the sand near the ocean.

One of my favorite flowers is the rose. A private citizen in Tomakomai, Japan had an amazing rose garden. He was a postal employee and not a horticulturist. But, you would not know it from looking at his garden. No doubt he spent countless hours caring for the roses. There were all kinds of roses and colors in his garden.

The flowers have a message for us. They point to a wise, artistic Creator. It is hard to duplicate the beauty and fragrance of a flower. But, like the stars in the sky, they proclaim the existence and beauty of our Creator. If the Lord made all the beautiful things we see in nature, how beautiful He must be. Just as a painting is a message from an artist, so the flowers are a message from the Supreme Artist.

Let us hear the message of the flowers! Jesus is called the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valleys. Wherever He goes, there is beauty and there is the fragrance of love. Flowers are used in times of sorrow such as funerals. They are also used in times of celebration such as weddings. The Lily of the Valleys and The Rose of Sharon never fail to bring comfort and joy.

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