The Community of Faith

Often maligned, criticized, shunned and considered out of date, she moves on through the ages. Often the target of jokes and the enemy of political despots, she continues to carry the light into the dark places of the earth. You will find her in historic buildings, in lowly hovels, in caves, under trees, in storefronts, in houses. She is a community of faith, called a church. Jesus said that the forces of evil would not prevail against her.

What is the secret of this amazing community? It is Jesus Christ, the foundation and the head of the church. When people fight against churches, they are fighting against Christ. He loves the church. He established it and “the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

Talk about variety and you will find it in churches. You will see it in the sizes of churches. There are churches with only 10 or 15 members. But, there are also mega-churches with 10,000 members meeting in multiple places. There are churches with wood benches and mud floors. But, there are also churches with magnificent maple padded pews and carpets. There are churches with drums for rhythms and no hymnals. But. there are other churches with great choirs accompanied by orchestras. There are churches with a “bush” pastor who has no training. But, there are churches which have many pastors, highly educated.

The strange thing is that wherever you go, whatever the style of worship or the meeting place, there is an amazing unity among brothers and sisters in Christ. There is a sense of family. The language may be different, the culture may be different, but in Christ there is no east or west, no north or south. There is a bond which unites us. It is the love of Christ. It is our relationship to him. We are citizens of the same kingdom. We belong to the same family. We have the same Father, the same Redeemer, and the same Holy Spirit indwelling us.

Despite all her faults and weaknesses, Christ uses churches to get his Gospel to the multitudes. He sends out his churches to show his love. It is called the body of Christ, the bride of Christ. Every Christian should be a part of a community of faith. We need the church and she needs us. If you are looking for a perfect church, you will not find one here. We are not called to be “Lone Ranger Christians” but we are called to be part of the community of faith, the body of Christ. Do you have a spiritual home?

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