The Best Place to Be

There are many places we might like to be. Some would be exciting. Some would be restful. Some would be beautiful. Some would be pleasant to the eyes as well as enchanting to the ears. There are places where we would like to camp out. The thought comes that we would just like to stay there and not leave for any reason.

I believe that the best place to be is in the will of God. It may not be the easiest place to be but it will be the most fulfilling place. It will be the safest place. There may be danger all around us but if God has brought us there, it will be the best place. This does not mean that we always understand the reason for God’s will. But, we can trust Him. He is good and He always does good.

If we are in His will, we can relax. There is nothing to fear. Worry is useless. We are in His hands, hands that will never let us go, hands that no power in Heaven or earth can defeat. There is no greater security than in His will. A home security system may fail but He will not. In Romans 12 we read that “His will is good, perfect, and acceptable.” This is surely the best place to be!

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