Storms of Life

It is storm season in Oklahoma. In fact, areas of the state are called “tornado alley.” Most cities and towns have sirens which warn that a tornado has been spotted or that one is making its way toward the area where you are. Some of the tornados are so destructive where lives are lost and there is great property damage.

Are there not also spiritual storms which sometimes come up unexpectedly? It may be the loss of a job. It could be bad news from a doctor’s visit. It might be the sudden death of a family member or friend. There may be no warning at all. A storm may catch us completely off guard.

Some of my neighbors hare storm shelters. They are built underground. Another friend has a safe room in his house. When there is the threat of a tornado, they can enter a place of safety and wait out the storm.

Christians also have a storm shelter. The Psalmist talked about the Lord being our hiding place. He is call our refuge, our rock, our fortress. Whether it is a spiritual tornado or an earthquake, we have a place to run to. Martin Luther wrote about it in his famous hymn. “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” Those storms are sure to come, but we know where to go!

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