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My new book, The Focus of Faith, is now available on as an e-book and also as a printed book. With the exception of the first two chapters, each chapter can be read independently. These are messages that I have delivered in many countries. You will find chapters such as these: “The Question that is the Answer,” “Love that is Big Enough,” “The Hope that Excites,” “Paradoxes of the Gospel,” and many more.

There are messages for mature Christians as well as for people who may want to know more about the Bible. The Focus of Faith is not some vague wish. It is objective, based on the Bible. The messages in this book point to the source of the Christian’s faith. You will find messages to encourage but also point the way to Christ. If you are interested in the Bible or would like to know more about it, these messages should appeal to you.

My aim is to deliver messages in such a manner than even children can understand them. I think the fodder should be down low so the sheep can get to it! This is my third book. This one is self published. I am finding that this has many advantages. That way the author has more liberty in using the book and promoting it.

If this book is an inspiration and encouragement to any Christian, it will be wonderful. Should anyone come to Christ through reading this book, that will be worth publishing the book. To God be all the glory!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Blake’s book, “The Focus of Faith”. He made the points plain and clear.
    I recommend this book to those who need a better understanding of God’s ways.


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