Looking Right Side Up

I have a bookmark which is woven like a Persian rug. Looking at the back side you see no pattern. In fact, it is ugly. But, right side up it is beautiful. Those who fly have had the experience of taking off in cloudy, rainy weather. But once, you get above the clouds, the sun is shining and everywhere you see clear blue skies. How we look at things determines much of how we feel and enjoy life.

We can look around us and see much to frighten and discourage us. That is why we need to look up. “Looking unto Jesus” we see things as they really are. We see the bigger picture. When we live a mole-like existence, it is easy to fall into depression. Around us may be much darkness. When we look up, we see that the light is shining.

The disciples were with Jesus when a storm came up. They were fishermen and had seen many storms. This one must have been especially bad because it frightened them greatly. They awoke Jesus who was sleeping and asked, “Don’t you care that we are perishing?” It was life-threatening to them. Jesus calmed the storm and simply asked, “where is your faith?” All around us are storms of varying intensity. Like the disciples have we fastened our eyes on the storm or are we looking to the Ruler of the storms?

Perspective changes everything. We need to look right side up. The Bible gives us that perspective on life. Let’s look at the world, the problems, and all our needs through the eyes of faith. God is weaving a beautiful design in our lives. It may be difficult to see it from where we stand. But, Bible assures us that God is making us into something beautiful that will one day astound us and everyone who sees us. We shall be like Jesus!

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