Joy in Mozambique

Monday I returned from a trip to Mozambique with Reaching Souls International.  205 pastor,  church leaders, and 46 women registered for the Leadership Development Institute.  For 4 days there was intense study in classes such as “How to Study the Bible,”  “Basic Christian Doctrine,”  “Marriage,”  “Forgiveness,”  “The Preeminence of Christ,”  various classes on evangelism, and many others.  The four days of study were followed by 3 days of outdoor evangelism.  Thousands of people came to Christ as the men and women went out into the market places and villages to share the Gospel.

For the outdoor evangelism there were 4 teams of about 70 members each,  going to different villages.  After one hour or longer doing personal evangelism, there were outdoor meetings in four different places in the mornings and afternoons.  It was the first time for some of the Christians to do this type of evangelism and they got a new vision for reaching out.  Pastors in the different areas were given decision slips so they could do follow-up.  Already one pastor sent word that there were several new members at his church last Sunday.

If you are looking for a good place that emphasizes evangelism and discipleship, that believes national Christians are the ones who will reach their own people, that provides tools and training for national Christians, you might want to check out the website of Reaching Souls International.  Because there are many orphans from the Aids epidemic in Africa, Reaching Souls provides financial help for Christian families who care for orphans in their homes.

Yes, there is great joy in Mozambique today.  Joy in the hearts of Christians who shared the Gospel and joy in the hearts of thousands of people who recently met Jesus Christ in a personal way!






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