God is on His Throne!

At the beginning of the year it is wise to remember that God is on his throne. There are many uncertainties around us. The future may seem quite threatening. We do not know what may happen this year in our country or in our personal lives. But, we can be certain about this. God knows the future. And there are no uncertainties with him. Man made catastrophes on earth will not change his purpose or plans for us. On the throne is a wise ruler, a King who does not change with the times. He is working out his purpose in our lives and nothing will detour him.

On the throne is One who loves us. He invites us to come boldly to his throne to find grace and mercy. On the throne is One who understands us fully, who wants us completely. He knows where we are, regardless of any distance that we feel from him. We may feel down and out but He invites us to his throne. All we need to do is to come clothed in the perfect righteousness of Jesus. We come in the name of Christ, at the invitation of Christ, and through the worthiness of Christ. It is a throne of grace.

God has not abdicated his throne. He never will. Throughout the endless ages He is the ever-living One. Men may fight against Him but they only harm themselves. Whatever may happen during 2019, you can be sure that a wise, loving God is upon the Throne! This is very comforting to me. Here is an anchor for the new year. Here is a place that we may come to over and over. Here is an assurance that we have facing whatever years are before us.

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