Expectations for the New Year

There will surely be some surprises, interruptions, and new things. We can have well laid plans but they could be altered because of unanticipated events. This makes life interesting. God often comes in this way. It can be sickness, a promotion, a failure or success. It might be something that we never dreamed would happen to us.

During 2018 much will continue as in the previous year. Many of our duties and responsibilities will be the same. There will be continuity. Many of our goals will be the same as in previous years. We will expect to grow and serve the Lord. We will expect His faithfulness as in past years. This does not mean that we will have a boring life. The sameness is good. God works through ordinary things and through ordinary people. Many of our friends will be the same. We can build upon the past year.

In Japan where I lived for many years, it was customary to have a major house cleaning before the end of the year. Spiritually this is a good practice. It is good to start by cleaning the closets of our lives. Some spiritual detergents will help.

It is well that we look up at the beginning of the year. There are many national and international problems that seem beyond man’s ability to solve. If we look around us too much, we could become discouraged. As Christians we look up. We know that God is on His throne. We know that He is working out His purpose. We know that God will have the last word. Let’s focus our eyes on Jesus, “the author and finisher of our faith.” May you have a year of blessing and joy. Happy New Year!

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