Audio Book

The book, There’s No One Like Jesus, is now available as an audio book. More and more people are choosing this means of reading books. You can listen to the reading of a book while you are working, while you are driving, while you are sitting comfortably in a chair at home, or even when out walking for exercise.

Modern technology has opened many new ways to communicate. You can now communicate with people throughout the world without having to wait for long periods of time. Books can now be made available in places you would not have dreamed possible a few years ago.

The Bible talks much about listening. Several times it says, “he who has ears, let him hear.” We can listen in different ways. Some listening is superficial. It enters one ear and goes out the other. But there is an intense listening as when we hear something very important. We do not want to miss a word that is said. That is the way we should listen to God’s Word.

New opportunities are opening for us to listen. And one of those is through audio books. You may not have time to read a book, but you can listen to the reading of a book as you do other things. Whether you listen to the reading of a book or actually read a book yourself, you have great opportunities to grow spiritually and deepen your faith in God.

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