Astonished Beyond Measure

There have been some amazing people in history.

What they accomplished is amazing.  Some of them helped change the destinies of countries.  Some of them were prodigies in music and education and still exert great influence.  Some sports figures have done amazing physical feats of endurance.  Some people have overcome tremendous odds to become heroes in history.

However, there is one person who stands alone. His name is Jesus. He said and did things which not only amazed people long ago, but continue to amaze people throughout the world today. Paul freely added a word to describe Jesus. He used the Greek word “hyper” which we would translate as “super.” He said that his grace super-abounds. He also said that Jesus has been super-exalted.  We could well do the same in saying that people were super-amazed at Jesus. He was more than amazing.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “amaze” as “overwhelming wonder.” From a dictionary on the internet the meaning is conveyed through such expressions as these:  “take someone’s breath away,” “spine-tingling,” “unheard of,” “mind-boggling,” “jaw-dropping,” “heart-stopping,” “extraordinary,” and “incredible.” Obviously any of those expressions are appropriate when we talk about what Jesus did and said.

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