A Matter of Perspective

When you are too close to a painting, you may not appreciate it. Often you have to step far back to appreciate the painting. The same is true when you live at the foot of a mountain. Only when you take the long view do you see the beauty and majesty of a great mountain.

Problems can seem insurmountable up close. Only when we step back and look at problems with regard to all of life do we see how small they really are. They may seem like mountains up close but they are really just mole hills.

Where we stand and look at scenery makes all the difference in the world. It is the same with our lives of faith. From the perspective of the Word of God we see far more than a problem. We see an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to be a witness, an opportunity to express our faith. From the perspective of the church we know that the head of the church, Jesus Christ. will not fail.

As children our perspective is rather limited. Our perspective changes as young people and even more so as young adults. In middle age we see things that we may never have thought about in youth. As senior adults the change in perspective is even more drastic. Whether at the sunrise of our lives or at the sunset of our lives, we need to look through the eyes of faith. As someone has wisely said, “Believing is Seeing and not Seeing is Believing.” The Bible says, “We walk by faith and not by sight.”

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